About Us

The idea of Breaking Barriers came to exist in late 2013 between two friends, Ben Sarcadi and Melissa Spicuzza. When discussing the direction they saw their lives going, the idea of Breaking Barriers bloomed. With Ben’s tenacity and Melissa’s passion and long-term experience in the field, they turned Breaking Barriers into a reality.

Our Philosophy 

The philosophy of Breaking Barriers is to respond to the specialized vocational needs of people who experience developmental disabilities. Through various person-centered planning tools, we will ascertain the gifts, hopes, wants, and dreams of the individual and discover how these attributes can contribute to a reciprocal relationship within the community. Breaking Barriers believes in a person-centered approach that focuses on the strengths of an individual as opposed to the service model, which tends to highlight ones deficiencies. Using the natural environment creates opportunities to learn skills that an individual needs to be successful in all aspects of life.