Board of Directors

Benjamin Sarcadi, President & Director

Ben Sarcadi is a decorated and disabled Navy veteran. He has held positions in various fields throughout his professional career. His experience in marketing, accounting, and business management, makes him a great addition as a board member.

Melissa Spicuzza, Secretary & Director

Melissa has almost 20 years of experience providing support to individuals with developmental disabilities. She began as a direct support professional after high school and has worked her way through the ranks. Her background includes: house manager for an ARF (adult residential facility for the developmentally disabled), Program Director for a small non-profit offering residential and behavior modification day program services, and a coordinator for a supported living agency.

Jackee Lema, Director

Jackee holds a Bachelors in Business Administration. As a long-term employee of Kyocera Global she has developed and maintained numerous professional relationships with electronics companies all over the world. Ms. Lema project management and sales skills transfer into her personal life where she volunteered with her daughter’s softball team for over a decade. Breaking Barriers is proud to have Jackee Lema as a member of the Board.

Christopher Sarcadi, Director

Christopher is a Registered Respiratory Therapist that is skilled in all areas of patient care ranging from pediatric to adult, and even end of life patients require full ventilator support. Having worked hand in hand at 3 major non for profit hospitals in both the Northern Nevada and Northern Sacramento regions over the last 7 years, Christopher brings a clinical perspective to the team that has compassion and ultimately the clients best interest in mind.

Alicia Green, Director

Alicia’s professional career is in finance and estate planning. Her uncanny ability to rapidly put customers at ease and create a professional relationship is a true asset. Mrs. Green’s unbiased opinion and straight forward approach is exactly what Breaking Barriers needs in a board member.

Jennifer Sarcadi, Director

Jennifer is CMA with a background in geriatric care, special gifted pediatrics, and family medicine. She has an amazing gift of making people feel comfortable, loved, and supported. She makes sure to treat everyone as an equal individual. Jennifer makes sure to keep up to date with new medical resources, and with the latest medical studies. She always provides information to her patients on keeping a better, healthier, and easier lifestyle.

Team Members

Austin Rocky Rode, Director of Developement

Austin has a background in finance and as a DSP at Breaking Barriers. He’s taken that knowledge and is using it to develop our fundraising and event department.

Robert Aicinena, Job Developer

Robert has a extensive background in business. He enjoys his contributions at Breaking Barriers. Robert creates relationships with employers looking to hire people with developmental disabilities. Robert strives to have everyone see that neurodiversity in the workplace can benefit everyone as a whole.