The Breaking Barriers Vision

Breaking Barriers program design allows for various services to be provided to individuals with developmental disabilities. These services include but are not limited to a community emersion program, tailor services, customized employment, paid internship program. Within the community emersion program, Breaking Barriers looks to assist individuals in increasing vocational skills, education goals, and/or community involvement through volunteer opportunities. This service is typically offered at a 1:3 ratio. In regards to customized employment, Breaking Barriers looks to assist individuals in obtaining paid employment within their communities. To achieve this, Breaking Barriers will utilize Westside Regional Centers paid internship program, the Department of Rehabilitation, and develop relationships with businesses and organizations in the community. This service is typically offered at a 1:1 ratio. Breaking Barriers recognizes that each situation is unique and is open to alternative support structures. These services will be provided in the natural environment to achieve maximum success.

Tailored Services

Tailored Services is offered at a 1:1 ratio. This service is for individuals that need a flexible schedule. The days, hours, and length of time is determined by the person supported. Tailored Services are used to work on educational goals, vocational goals, and/or to increase skills in living a more independent and inclusive life.

Paid internship program

The purpose of the Paid Internship Program is to support individuals to build their
vocational skills and gain experience within the work force. The Paid Internship
Program through Breaking Barriers believes that skills are learned in a natural
environment as opposed to segregated workshops. The goal of the Paid Internship
Program with Breaking Barriers is to support individuals to obtain long term,
sustainable employment within their community.

Community integration

This service is offered at a 1:3 ratio. Breaking Barriers offers the people we support an opportunity to build vocational/educational skills, access community resources, and practice their social skills in our Community Integration Program. We also offer virtual support for anyone that feels more comfortable attending from home.

Customized Employment (individual placement only, no contract work, no sub-minimum wage)

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Customized Employment may include employment developed through job carving, self-employment or entrepreneurial initiatives, or other job development or restructuring strategies that result in job responsibilities being customized and individually negotiated to fit the needs of individuals with a disability. Our service assists job seekers with finding jobs tailored to his or her unique talents. This may include a job carved out to suit specific abilities, self-employment, or entrepreneurship.

  • Pairs the job seeker with a Vocational Specialist who assesses talents, strengths and abilities
  • Works on interview skills, resume building, benefits planning and the development of personal network
  • Provides coaching as needed to master job skills
  • Guidance for business planning and operations for self-employment

 We accept private pay for individuals not enrolled in a Regional Center, or would prefer private pay out of state.

Are you interested in receiving services with Breaking Barriers? Talk to your Regional Center Service Coordinator.