Developmentally Disabled Adults Find Risks Are Their Own Rewards at Breaking Barriers by John Hart Real Estate

Adults with developmental disabilities don’t have it easy. But far too often in our society, this leads to people writing them off as helpless. Thankfully, a Los Angeles-area non-profit corporation is devoting themselves to helping developmentally disabled adults live their lives outside of the bubble to which they’re so often relegated. The organization is called Breaking Barriers. And as we found out in our latest Community Spotlight, they’re passionate about helping their participants help themselves.

Breaking Barriers: A Night of Laughter with Top Comedians from Comedy Central, Netflix, HULU, and Amazon

The Breaking Barriers Valentine’s Day Comedy Show is the perfect night out for anyone looking for a fun and meaningful way to spend Valentine’s Day. With a lineup of top comedians from Comedy Central, Netflix, HULU, and Amazon, including Stoner Rob, Joe Eurell, Audrey Stewart, Debra DiGiovanni, Sofiya Alexandra, Danielle Perez, and John Hastings, this […]

How Breaking Barriers supported me to become a better adult.

Thanks to Breaking Barriers I have become a better adult in many different ways. The amount of support and encouragement that this program offers has been helpful in my life. I have learned many new techniques that I can use for day to day living.     Breaking Barriers has been a big help within […]

Hidden Abilities

I want to talk about abilities. We all have them, some good and some bad. Some we take for granted, some are hidden from us. Some abilities are abundant and clear. Are we using our abilities or wasting them? Let’s use a simple example : Do you have the ability to make people laugh? Don’t […]

Breaking Barriers through Adriana’s eyes

       My name is Adriana and I am a client at the Westside Regional Center, I am also a part of the Self Advocacy group. I have attended several different programs throughout the years at the Regional Center. Some programs I felt I was treated unfairly; others did not fit my schedule or […]

There has to be a better way….

It happened and I was determined that our agency’s policies would be vastly different. Breaking Barriers takes a person-centered approach to support. Our participants decide what they want to work on, they choose their goals, they determine how long it will take. We are here to work for the person. We do not believe there is something wrong with a person that has a developmental disability. We are all different and we all require different support in our lives. We are no better than others. There is no them and us, we are all equal. We are all human, working our way through life, and finding our own happiness. The better way is knowing this, living this, and running a support agency with these ideals as the foundation.