Breaking Barriers through Adriana’s eyes

       My name is Adriana and I am a client at the Westside Regional Center, I am also a part of the Self Advocacy group. I have attended several different programs throughout the years at the Regional Center. Some programs I felt I was treated unfairly; others did not fit my schedule or were not available when I needed them. I was always unhappy and lacked the confidence I needed to get back into the workforce.

       One day a facilitator told me about a program called Breaking Barriers. When I went to get more information, I was so happy to feel like they really listened to me and answered all the questions I had. They have completely changed my life in lots of positive ways. When I first joined the group, I was a little shy, but they helped me make friends and made me feel very welcomed. When I need help in any way, they are always there for me. Other programs never have given me the support and encouragement that Breaking Barriers has to offer. They are compassionate about what they do and guide you in the right direction. I have learned how to be confident in interviews, how to use public transportation not only in my city but all-over southern California. I have even learned how to dress to impress for an interview.

First Day as an Usher

       I recommend this program to anybody that is not happy with their current program. I used to make excuses about not attending programs but now I realize how important it is to me, and how it  benefits my life in succeeding. STOP making excuses and join Breaking Barriers! If you want to be yourself, then Breaking Barriers is for you!

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